water damage repair west columbia sc

Get reliable water damage repair services in West Columbia, SC

Dry Out Your Waterlogged Home

Hand Off - Home Project Solutions, LLC can handle your water damage repair no matter what happened. We've been taking care of water damage repair jobs in West Columbia, SC for years. Trust us to take the stress out of your situation.

You can rely on us to:

Control any moisture that is still in your home
Repair or replace wood features and drywall
Gutter clean out, repair, and gutter installation
Remove any items damaged beyond repair

The owners of Hand Off - Home Project Solutions, LLC have over 30 years of combined experience, so you can count on us to do the job right. Call 803-767-2767 now to schedule water damage repair services.

Gutter maintenance prevents water damage in West Columbia, SC

Your gutters are one of your first lines of defense against water damage, so maintaining them is vital. If your gutters aren't kept in good condition, they could spill water down your siding and into your foundation.

You can keep your gutters in great shape by working with Hand Off - Home Project Solutions, LLC. We provide gutter maintenance services in West Columbia, SC. You can also count on us to:

Clean out clogged gutters that could be at risk of breaking
Repair broken gutters that could provide poor drainage
Replace severely damaged gutters that could fall off of your building

Whether we're performing gutter replacement or gutter maintenance, we'll handle it with ease. Our team draws from over 30 years of experience. Call 803-849-4165 or 803-767-2767 now to schedule gutter services.

Add durable gutters to your building

Your building isn't complete without gutters that protect it from water damage. If you need new gutters, turn to us for gutter installation and gutter guard installation services. We'll handle the process with precision and care.

Consult a professional now to find out about our gutter guard and gutter installation options.